In 1908 the first car was manufactured on an assembly line,

We create Safta



Mr. SALVADOR FORMENT BARBERA set up a small workshop where he worked with his son SALVADOR FORMENT TARREGA producing wooden items for school and office such as pencil cases, geometry sets, stamp boxes, calendar holders etc.



Over the years Mr. SALVADOR FORMENT TARREGA began to take the reins of the business that his father had set up. He introduced new working methods and raw materials such as plastic and nylon in order to bring the company’s products in line with the fashions of the times.



The company moved to its current facility which has more than 10,000 square metre site and became a public limited company under the name SAFTA S.A. In 1989 dies SALVADOR FORMENT TARREGA and takes charge of the company: Mr. Salvador Forment Boscá, Mr. Vicente Forment Boscá & Mr. Ángel Miguel Martí Medina.



The three sons of Mr. Salvador Forment Tárrega: Salvador, Vicente & Angela, were already a vital part of the business founded by his grandfather. With the complete support of their father, they were who made the products known at national level, creating a good and strong commercial network. In January 1997, for personal reasons, Salvador Forment Boscá sells his company’s shares to Vicente Forment Boscá & Ángel Miguel Martí Medina.



Upon the death of Vicente Forment Boscá in April 2007, its shares were taken over by his wife and offspring. With the change of generation, the company continues with its expansion. In 2009, Ángel Miguel Martí sells his 50% of the company’s shareholding to his sister in law, his four nephews and Antonio Gomez, leaving the entirety of the company in “Forment Climent” family hand.



In January 2014 dies Mrs. Elvira Cliement Tello, wife of Mr. Vicente Forment Boscá, and her shares are divided among her four sons. Remaining the company with the current shareholders: Mrs. Elvira Forment, Mr. Vicente Forment, Mr. Javier Forment, Mr. Salvador Forment and Mr. Antonio. Safta is already in its fourth generation and continues with the same enthusiasm as the first day.

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